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Years after the uprisings in Egypt, the instability in the region has had a negative spillover effect on the Egyptian economy, particularly the tourism sector. There have been a variety of negative economic impacts, such as loss of revenues and a decline in the value of the local currency, as well as negative impacts on the social conditions of the country, such as an increase in the unemployment rate and in poverty levels. Rapid population growth also led to increasing levels of malnutrition and food and energy insecurity, and of increased urban migration within the country. In addition, this population growth rate poses a burden on job creation efforts, leading to high unemployment rates, especially among youth and women. Moreover, Egypt’s challenges show that these cover many dimensions of poverty and exclusion, notably in regard to water, sanitation and housing for the poor; health, education, and vocational training; social insurance for all; conditional cash transfers for the extremely poor and an expanded social safety net; and employment in urban and rural medium-sized enterprises with increased productivity and agricultural mechanization. They also include long-standing challenges such as gender equity, political participation, transparency, and public accountability, and strengthening respect for human rights. And these development challenges include a new set of issues that have surfaced in the past few years, including the effects of climate change, and high international food and fuel prices, all of which have a disproportionate impact on the poor.

  • Lack of legal structure.
  • No unified definition.
  • Lack of definition of Social entrepreneurship in Egyptian laws. 
  • Redundancy in support of the same projects and initiatives. 
  • Lack of awareness and knowledge of decision-makers.
  • Taxes and Labor Laws.
  • Cut of external funding for this field.
  • The unsustainability of charity culture.


The SOLID Platform is a project leaded by EL SPACE Social Innovation Hub and Co-Financed by the EUErasumsPlusProgramme. This Project will gather change-makers from Tunisia, Egypt, Romania, Jordan, Turkey, Austria, and Macedonia and will be the beginning of a fruitful collaboration to drive change towards an effective and inclusive global community of social innovators.
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