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Since 2015, Forasna has been Egypt’s first and most reliable database for the part of the workforce with primary/middle education (blue collars) in the Middle East. Forasna is a recruitment portal that connects job seekers with companies looking to hire, using an easy and ingenious solution for businesses to fulfill their recruitment needs, by providing different plans and packages that suit diverse requirements.

A Well-Planned Start

2007 Ameer Elsherif, the CEO and Co-founder of Wuzzuf/Forasna completed his MSc in Computer Engineering from Cairo University. Two Years later, Ameer decided to establish his own platform Basharsoft, the company behind Wuzzuf and Forasna, as a way to stand against the rising unemployment rate in Egypt, and the Middle East by acting as a mediator between the job seekers and the companies that are eager to hire new employees.

Everything Is Designed, Few Things Are Designed Well

The Birth of Forasna

Knowing that the (blue collars) shapes the majority of the Egyptian workforce made it inevitable to have a special well-disciplined platform. It’s 2015 when Ameer managed to establish Forasna to be specialized in (blue collars) recruitment and orientation. Forasna is dealing with the workforce that lacks a lot of advantages due to their limited access to technology. Forasna targets employees with primary/middle education, or the university graduates searching for jobs in Arabic. Forasna also paved a way to university students who want to work while studying, to gain proactive experience in the marketplace.

Anyone Can Join

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Anyone can benefit from Forasna and acquire a decent job opportunity, no matter the qualifications he has, as Forasna doesn’t pre-request a certain level of education before registering on the website. 

Moreover, Forasna provides a hotline for people to contact them especially for the categories that lack the primary knowledge of using technology. Forasna call center team is responsible for supporting those applicants who want to connect to employers without using the internet. This feature also helps the candidate find a job related to his experience and skills.

Don’t Push People to Where You Want to Be, Meet Them Where They Are

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Blue collars represent 66.8% of the total active labor force in Egypt. As Forasna mainly focuses on this category of technical workforce and vocational employees, it became necessary to light up the potentials, and talents this workforce has. “El Sanayeii El Gad” a social media campaign launched by Forasna jointly with El Masry El-Youm. This campaign was designed two years ago to highlight the distinctive and most needed crafts, besides pointing out the values that should be followed by the artisans to keep their good work and to market the importance of their jobs in the Egyptian marketplace. 

The campaign has met with huge success, reaching millions and managed to engage with the audience with content that they can relate to, and helped in reshaping the stereotype about the artisans and their importance in creating a well-developed community.

Forasna’s Capsule: New Solutions Against COVID-19 Consequences

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The COVID-19 outbreak has had a significant impact on workers and businesses in the region. Due to the lockdown, many of the employees were obligated to leave their jobs due to the economic situation. Forasna launched a campaign to help workers overcome this outbreak rapidly. Forasna’s Capsule is a social media campaign designed to give some recommendations to the job seekers that want to have a job or replace their lost jobs with other ones. This campaign is to tell that even though many sectors are being closed out of the outbreak, yet some sectors are demanding more manpower to work, such as the pharmacy and medicine industry, food making, carriers, etc. The campaign also sets responses to the job seekers’ most repeated questions on job opportunities, qualifications, or vocational training. 

Global Recognition, Awards, and International Funds

Image Source: Think Tank – Development solutions

Due to its rapid growth in the tech industry in a very short time, BasharSoft’s Wuzzuf/Forasna managed to gain local and international recognition along the journey. 

Besides being selected as a high-impact entrepreneur by Endeavor, in 2019, Ameer Sherif has been selected in the same year as a Young Global Leader YGL by World Economic Forum for leading one of the largest internet startups that focuses on connecting people and jobs. His devoted approach to his work managed to settle him in the platform that earlier had the names of Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, Youtube founder, Chad Hurley, and other pioneers and influencers. 

This startup also managed to attract funds from very high profile international Ventures Capitalists in tech startups. In 2014, they became the 1st Egyptian startup to get funded by 500 Startups (Silicon Valley, US – #500strong). They were also one of the 1st startups in Egypt and the MENA region to get funded by global investors, like Vostok New Ventures (Sweden), UK-based Piton Capital, Endure Capital, and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

A good startup is the one able to process the needs of the community. Lend an ear to your own community! 

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