The Story of Education For Orphans

Image Source: Jordan youth innovation forum

Jordan Volunteer team launched a youth educational initiative that aims to enhance the academic psychological aspect of children. The initiative team seeks to communicate with orphans and poor children hoping that they can reach a high degrees or academic creativity.

The idea or the initiative came after one of the volunteers noticed during a trip with the children that they were not able to read what was written on the volunteer card and starting from there the idea of caring for the academic side which must be attentive to the same amount of interest in providing support from learning, come to either financial crises or weakness that can come across these children lives.

Image Source: Jordan youth innovation forum

As the initiative started in Wehdat area and 70 children were selected after taking some exams to determine the level of knowledge they have and their weak points. Each student was treated according to their needs and the points that must be taken into consideration when teaching them.

The initiative focuses on the basic subjects in education (Arabic, English, and Mathematics) as the volunteers are not only educating children, but they also conduct entertainment activities that help in teaching children some useful skills and instill moral values.

As the best part was their graduation ceremony which we held to share their joy and achievements with their families as it was participated by the same children.

For the sixth season of this initiative was launched in Russeifa targeting 40 orphan child, for the orphaned education volunteers they are very active and they do not get paid for teaching as sharing knowledge and happiness to children lives is what they do as in their vacation and giving times they offer teaching with love that reflects on children and by that they encourage children to come to classes.

Image Source: Jordan youth innovation forum

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